Where Are They Now ?

This page is now somewhat out of date. As of May 2013, I am working my way through the listings and catching up with emails so hopefully it will soon become a little more current. Send in your updates !

A PENCIL: Johnny Clarke is now to be found in the The Wet Fish Groovers. Andy Scoble works on the Bolton News and Stub leaves in Hadfield (the real name of the village where they filmed The League of Gentlemen as Royston Vasey), but plays regularly in Bolton acoustic/punk band TVOD.

THE AUTOZE. Alan Davies can be found in The Lost Boys along with FASHIONSOF FATE/COLOURS OF CRIMSON's Steve Fielding.

BURGUNDY went on to record a demo and lasted another year. Adrian (Speedy) moved on as he felt the band were moving towards a prog rock sound and further away from their earlier blues material. He joined a blues band featuring Pete Methy from Night Train, and later formed a band called Gnash Gnash (name inspired by Denis the Menace's dog). Dave Lewis added bass to his vocals and played with Legacy, Wild Rose, Lounge Lizards, Bald Fury and Archangel. John Godley joined Indian Summer, who actually supported Burgundy at a gig in the Brass Cat. Julian Godley hooked up with a guitarist called Andy Clarke to play in a band with the unlikely name of "Ugly Martin and his Mother's Knickers". In 1987, Speedy wanted to get a blues band together with a brass section and hooked up with Night Train's Jim Sax who had a similar idea - except that Jim's idea was for it to be a soul band ! Otis Day and the Nightshift were born and played Stax-influenced soul music. Julian Godley's present band Brass Routes is essentially Otis after many line up changes. Speedy now lives in Kent after relocating through work in the early nineties, Nigel became an accountant and stopped playing, and as for Scanny (drums), no one seems to know. Further details and tunes on the Burgundy myspace website.

COLOURS OF CRIMSON: Known as Rick Phantom in Colours of Crimson, Rick Lacey went through a series of stage names before deciding to just get on with it, be himself and play. After Colours of Crimson, he joined forces with Ian Edmundson of THE PEPPERMINT DREAM and Rob Lewis of THE LEWIS BROTHERS BAND to form Beyond Belief. Rick worked in Cambridge for a while then formed Go Crazy, also with Ian E. Whilst with Go Crazy, Rick landed a support slot with Robert Lucas (who later became the front man of Canned Heat). After Go Crazy, he joined The Red Eye Blues Band and cemented his roots in the Blues. From there he recorded and gigged with Bluesline and The Roach Twins. He has been gigging nationally and in Europe, playing major festivals and tours with American blues artists who visit the UK and need a backing band. Regarded as one of the North West’s top blues drummers, he also writes for BluesMatters! magazine. Rick has played with Steve Gibbons, the last remains of The Glitter Band, Paper Lace and Lieutenant Pigeon. He is now gigging with Nick Bold, Stone Park, Cuillin Blue and Ov8, his own 4 piece Chicago Blues band. Alan Valdene is still songwriting but not gigging anymore. Steve Mackane is otherwise known as Steve Fielding, see FASHIONS OF FATE for more details.

FASHIONS OF FATE: Formerly a member of early punk bands The Paralettix and Gun Control, Steve Fielding left the band in late 1980 and, under the name of Steve Mackane, formed COLOURS OF CRIMSON with Alan Bridge. He then formed the Noble Kind with PEPPERMINT DREAM's Colin Berry, then joined Manchester glam-rock band Courtesan. He spent 1985-88 in glam-punk band The Stiffs, playing over 300 gigs all over Europe and recording a number of tracks since released on CD. After a spell backing up a number of Elvis impersonators in a nationwide touring revue, he joined NIGHT TRAIN for six months then formed The Lost Boys in 1992 with drummer Arnie Etchells. The Lost Boys are still gigging today. He is also a lecturer at Bolton Community College and a renowned crime writer. Andy Dakeyne can now be found in the Oxford-based instrumental band The Workhouse. With a string of singles to their name, they released their first album "The End of the Pier" in 2003 and have just finished their second. They recorded a number of Peel Sessions including the last session that John Peel picked before he died. Singer Marc is a publican in Dorset.

FIRECLOWN: Tony Dowler left and the band morphed into Risky Business adding Ian Taylor, formerly of Lights Out on guitar and Steve Tansley on drums. With Pete Dutton still on bass and Paul Austin on vocals, a keyboard player was added and the band toured for two years solid. Tony Dowler formed The Bill Baileys in 1989 and released a couple of albums. Along with drummer Steve Tansley, he now fronts Tony Dowler's Hellhounds. Pete Dutton is now a sound engineer and owns STS Touring Productions which provides everything from PAs to tour buses for bands on the road. He now travels the world with the likes of Moody, Marsden, Murray, Airey, Bonnet, Bad Company and others. Ian Taylor went on to play with Bonadea, Killeshandra and Wheeler and is now to be found in Riff Raff and Rochdale's Mothers Ruin. He also hosts jam nights in the Rochdale/Heywood area.

FRENCH CONECTION: Dave Bromiley (lead) is a session guitarist in Amsterdam. Ray Bromiley (flute, guitar, comb & paper) is now known as SangaKhatu and still plays in Cambridge. Veronica "Ron" White is a producer with Granada Television.

KYTE: The band recruited a rhythm guitarist Stu Hest and played for a long time as a 5 piece. Bob Cheetham and Stu left and a female singer Christine Ellis was recruited. The band became Stygian Witch playing a "diverse and quirky" set ranging from Rush and Ozzy covers to Transvision Vamp. After 12 months of solid gigging, Christine returned to Malta where her family were from. There was an attempt to reform Kyte but Bob was no longer available - several other vocalists were tried but they never really got out of the studio. Drummer Paul Anderson sessioned for several bands and eventually ended up in Loose Covers, which became Mad Racket along with former WOLFPACK guitarist Mick "Rab" Rabbitt. He can also be seen playing in the WOLFPACK reunion band. Ronnie (Rob Ronson) moved on to Kudas, 3-57 and the Rory James Blues Band. In 1997, he formed Jackhammer and can now be found in Renegade amongst others.

LEWIS BROTHERS BAND: Well it turns out they weren't called Lewis and they weren't brothers but Rob Lewis (Rob Brown) can be found in The Lost Boys along with Steve Fielding ex FASHIONSOF FATE/COLOURS OF CRIMSON. Simon Lewis (Simon Riding) now appears in blues/rock band The Cooler Kings, having spent previous years in Oestra, No Sweat/Relative Strangers, The Lost Boys and Snowblind.

MEAN STREET: After about six years of gigging and numerous personnel changes, MEAN STREET split up and Mick Singleton and Ted Twigg formed SHOCKWAVE with Phil Kershaw and Geoff Tudge. See SHOCKWAVE below for more details. Pete Ainslie went to London as a session musician at Bronze Studios and was last seen in Cliff Richard's support band about 10 years ago. Not sure if Pam Gardner, Paul Clavell etc are still performing.

NIGHT TRAIN reformed as a four-piece and are playing regular gigs. Line up is Alec, Pete Methy, Mac and Rob, one of their original drummers. Details on their website. Alec Martin also runs The Buskers Ball open mic sessions. Drummer Arnie ETCHELLS joined The Lost Boys in 1992 with Steve Fielding ex FASHIONS OF FATE. But in 1997, he died on stage during a drum solo in the middle of Radar Love at the Bulls Head in Breightmet. He was being applauded when he suddenly stopped and slumped over. According to Fielding, "Arnie had said to us that when he had to go, the ideal way would be with people clapping and cheering as he played his music".

PEPPERMINT DREAM: Colin Berry released a 45 with The Noble Kind and later joined Otis Day and The Nightshift on drums, he also played with Stash for a while. Eventually he joined up with members of Don't Blame The Dog in his current glam rock band The Hollywood Flairz. In 1984, Ian Edmundson formed Beyond Belief with Rick Lacey (ex COLOURS OF CRIMSON). In 1992, he founded Go Crazy with Rick Lacey and Gary Burnett. From 1994 to 1998, he was in Bad Habits who supported Slade and released the cd album "Battles". In 2002, after playing sessions and a few years in a cabaret band, he joined The Roadrunners (a local band with 17 years of gigging). And from 2004 to the present, line up changes led to the band becoming The Kerbcrawlers . Steve Wolstencroft seems to have given up playing drums after The Peppermint Dream folded and Len Miller has gone on to play in show bands.

PERUVIAN DRUMSTIX: Anecdotes abound. The Stix once supported Here & Now but had the cheek to play "Opium for the People" in their own set. They weren't paid cash for the gig but were given a carrier bag of spliffs ! After recovering from a bike smash, drummer Paul Anderson joined the reformed KYTE (see KYTE above for further details). Dave headed off for the States and it's thought that Mike Priestley ended up in Israel. As for Andy Shelley, no one's quite sure. One report had him living in an ice cream van somewhere on the moors, another that he was part of The Woodchildren and is now a film director in London - if that's the same Andy Shelley (!?). It's rumoured he spent much of his Peruvian Drumstix career on the run from WIFFER after he wrote a scathing review of one of their gigs in his 1984 fanzine. They had threatened to "give him a seeing to"... one of their rehearsals was cut short whilst he hid under the pool table at Jamm Studios !

QUE BONO: At one stage, Que Bono seemed to be destined for great things. A Peel Session recording (gained by Jane's inspired decision to send a tape to Kenny Dalglish who passed it on to John Peel !), cutting-edge promo videos and extensive succesful tours of Germany gained them a cult following. However, arguments over musical direction and image increased tensions and they disbanded. Alan Maskell went on to form PRESSURE (82-84) but returned to his DJ roots to ride the wave of the House Music / Superstar DJ culture in the late 1980s. During the 90s he promoted bands at Manchester’s legendary Boardwalk and now owns and runs two night clubs in Manchester. Simon Hall also became part of PRESSURE then turned to session playing whilst studying for his degree. He later came back to the music scene with rock outfit The Four Candles, along with former WOLFPACK vocalist Graeme Wyatt. Jane Devine and Peter Mulvhill went on to form The D Notes (82-85). Peter later moved away from drums and played guitar in various bands and now can be found in Sheffield's RnB/BoogieWoogie/Swing band The Big Heat. Jane went solo in 1985 under the name of Jane Darling and later became an actress in the theatre. In 2007, Que Bono had the ignominy of having their entry deleted from Wikipedia for "not being famous enough" since the Americans have decided that history only started with the internet. However, they are one of the few Bolton bands for whom you can still see their performances, now uploaded onto YouTube. They can be seen here.

RENDEZVOUS: Drummer Gavin Perry is a professional drum tutor and sells kit in the UK and abroad through Gav's Drums. He can also to be found playing in Nailed.

THE REPORTERS morphed into Mirrors Over Kiev in 1984 when the band decided to change musical direction. Bassist Keith Rigby continued in the band until the late eighties when he left amicably to start a family, and is now living and working in Preston although not thought to be in a band. The band went through three more bass players and during the late 80s to early/mid 90s had their most successful period, performing live on tours to Germany and Italy, and releasing the albums Northern Songs and American Now. After this project, Nick, Ben and Phil decided to give the Mirrors a rest. Phil and Ben joined a band called The Good Sons, fronted by Michael Weston King and Nick Jackson started to perform acoustic solo gigs and experiment with different musicians, eventually forming The Nick Jackson Band. The album Miracles was released in 2000 with John Wilkinson on bass, Norman Cook on drums and Nick Bold on lead guitar and backing vocals. The gigs were spontaneous affairs with line up changes depending on who was available. Ben Jackson returned to the fold on drums and for many of their gigs, they played as a three-piece. In 2005/6 they completed their second album Secrets, helped by Phil Abram returning on guitar. Phil now lives and teaches in Rome but plays with the band when he visits and has arranged gigs in Rome at the Big Mama Club on behalf of the British Council, which teaches Italians how to speak English and about English culture. Nick still works as a journalist on The Bolton News and Ben is an occupational therapist in the Manchester and Salford area. The Nick Jackson Band are still regularly gigging, details on their website.

REVOLVER REHASH: The group (Pete Makin and Ian Edmundson) were known as The Beatless and the album was called "Rotator".

ROADRUNNER: Simon J Campbell went on to form Cutting Edge then Little Brother (selling over 100,000 albums). After a couple of years with The Method, he moved into production with his company "Chaos Productions". He later became frontman for The Disciples and has performed a number of theme concerts featuring different artists.

SHOCKWAVE: The band lasted 18 months until Ted Twigg joined TROJAN, releasing two albums.He got caught up in band management tax ripoff problems and had to buy himself out of his own management. He then joined Thrash the Whippet and then a spell with Riff Raff until about four years ago when he moved down to Church in Somerset. Now a high speed train driver and occasional jammer around the Bristol area. After Shockwave split up, Mick Singleton put down his sticks for the best part of 12 years until becoming a founder member of Riff Raff in 1998. "The break was good for me in the long run, it changed my style and attitude. Having to play with lots of different people and adapting to them to what they want, maybe for just one session, forces you to think about what you are doing and not allow yourself to fall into the night in/night out nonchalance that can happen with a band." Four years ago, Mick left Riff Raff and spent 12 months filling in with various bands (Rubian, Mad Racket etc). and doing some studio work. He joined Stash when Gareth left them to join Riff Raff and is now in Empyre along with former WIFFER, Bernie Morrisey.

SPRINGFIELD LIMIT: Bob Glendenning went on to be one of the founder members of Dirty Trix. Sadly, Mark Pye died in a road accident on Moss Bank Way near his home in Bolton.

STORMCHILD won a Battle of The Bands contest at the Dominion Theatre in London and released a single. Ian Bridge and Joe Rodmell went to America. It's thought Neil McCurley became a teacher and Jeff Harwood played for Joe Johnson's band (the snooker player !).

WIFFER. Bernie Morrisey has been in a number of bands including Power Pigs and can now be found in Empyre along with MEAN STREET/SHOCKWAVE etc drummer Mick Singleton.

WOLFPACK. Phil, Graeme and Sam left the band as the group evolved onto the thrash metal scene, releasing an album "Total Head Removal" in 1986, but that was as far as it went. However, 20 years later, the "classic" line-up reformed for a one-off reunion gig in 2006. Such was the popularity that they are now regularly gigging again, albeit with Nidge Roberts now taking the mic and former PERUVIAN DRUMSTIX/KYTE drummer Paul Anderson on skins. Gigs, video clips, screensavers and t-shirts can all be found on the new Wolfpack website.

XTRACT: Karl Morris went on play with various bands including The Exploited, Broken Bones, Johnny Bravo, Phantom Rockers and currently touring with Billyclub. The original classic Xtract line up have got together again and have played a few gigs. Details on their website and their myspace page. Karl's latest ventures can be found on his website.

About Town Hall Steps

"I'm here to interview Black Sabbath" was a line from the film "Almost Famous" (2000) spoken by a 16 year old at a stage door in California. Nineteen years earlier, also as a 16 year old, I stood at a stage door over here and uttered that same line. I got my interview but had nowhere to go with it.

In 1981, there was a dearth of coverage of local bands in Bolton. "1984" had been an inspirational music fanzine run by Andy Shelley but he had moved on. There were a few snippets in the Bolton Evening News, and there was even the brief appearance of a glossy magazine entitled Rock Life but that only lasted for one issue.

Being a fan of local music in Bolton, I decided to set up my own fanzine and used the Sabbath interview as publicity for the launch of the first Town Hall Steps.

At that time, there were no mobile phones and no affordable desktop publishing. The tools of the trade were an old typewriter, scissors and a Prittstick, and sheets and sheets of letraset, each letter painstakingly rubbed off the transfer sheet (there were never enough Es!).

Venues came and went and sterling work was put in by those who promoted the gigs and ran rehearsal and recording studios. Countless bands emerged, split up, reformed and were then reincarnated into other line-ups. I've lost count of the number of local bands I went to see.... and since I couldn't see them all, fortunately many others were on hand to post gig reviews, although some were less than complimentary...

It could be frustrating though... just when a band appeared to have discovered the right chemistry, they would split up leaving a collection of fabulous tunes never to be heard again.

So twenty five years on, here they are once more.

About the Editor

As for me, I packed in THS in 1983 when I went to college in Leeds. In 1986 I headed for the bright lights of London where I joined the BBC starting in the film library. After a stint with the BBC in Leeds, I returned to London where I moved into film editing. And that's where you will find me today, currently working with BBC News. Drop me a line if you want to say hello. Marc Gibbons.

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